Google Partner Badge

We have some good news to share with you! Fox Two Group is now a Google Partner. Google Partners is Google’s program for advertising agencies. Partners can access special events and trainings, industry research, Google AdWords product updates, and certification exams. Thus far, we have attained the Search Advertising certification and will be adding additional certifications very soon. As a Google Partner, we will also get access to AdWords promotional offers for prospective and existing clients. Anyone can view our company profile by clicking on our badge or this link.

We’re really happy to add Google Partner status to our business. We believe our Google Partner status signals our commitment to achieving success for our clients through the search marketing campaigns we develop and manage for them. Ultimately, the additional wealth of tools, resources and promotional offers that the program contains translates into value added features and benefits for our clients.

When choosing an search firm to assist in the growth of your business, we think it’s important to choose an agency that Google trusts. That’s really what Google Partners is.