basic drawstring backpack in a variety of colorsPromotional products can be a great way for your company or brands to stay top of mind with potential customers. One of the more popular types of promotional products are bags. Bags are great because people walking around at the event get a bag to carry the other many items they may pick up. Additionally, your company essentially gets additional exposure in the form of people carrying your bags. Walking advertisements – score!

If you’re thinking about giving out some promotional bags, we have some advice for you. First, All Products Promo is a wonderful supplier of all sorts of promotional products, including bags. Second, be sure to include a URL on your bag. In our opinion, it is a mistake is when companies neglect to include their URL on their bags in addition to their logo. Not including a URL puts an extra step in the process of potential customers finding your company on the web. While there can often be little risk that the customer will have difficulty finding your website, we believe that companies should hedge their bets and make it as easy as possible for potential customers to find them. After all, removing barriers is one of the most important steps in closing any deal.

Here’s what this means for your digital presence.


promotional tote bags in various colorsBeing a search marketing agency, we constantly have our minds on how to utilize promotions (online or offline) to drive online conversions. While this recommendation isn’t exactly in the category of SEO or PPC, we do think it’s valuable for companies to consider. Our recommendation is to use a URL that isn’t simply your home page. You can craft a far better experience for your potential customers by creating a landing page and using a URL that specifically speaks to the demographic from the event.

For example, our favorite fictional company, Shelby Company Ltd, might hand out bags at an equestrian convention that include the URL “”. This URL would then direct traffic to a landing page with content pertaining to products relevant to the convention. Assuming this is a landing page you keep separate from any other navigation on the site, this also has the added benefit of allowing you to use Analytics to track web traffic resulting from the offline event. Of course, by using Analytics to look at what these users do on your site, you can also evaluate how useful it was to attend the event in the first place.

What has your experience with promotional products been like? Do you have other ideas about how to link offline promotions to online conversions? Leave a comment below!