The following is a guest post authored by Matthieu Picard, CEO of Anyleads Marketing


What is Anyleads?

It is a SaaS (Software as a service), often coming with an API that allows its customers to generate leads; potential prospects; find emails & phone numbers with an automated process. When it comes to digital marketing and direct marketing, there are many different approaches to develop a strategy. But a lead generation infrastructure helps you automating your processes and making your outbound marketing hundreds of time more efficient than doing it manually.

So today we would like to feature Anyleads: it’s a lead generation infrastructure that provides trustworthy services to worldwide customers, using back-end technology crawling to mine very high targeted database of contacts.

How does it work?

Anyleads allows you to find all your future customers information (emails + phone numbers) thanks to its magic API, and to contact them through its automated emailing campaign feature by setting up personalized sequences of emails.

By creating an A to Z drip campaign you’re going to automatize all your processes and you’ll just have to wait and watch the process working for you. You can personalize all your campaigns and actions taken thanks to their templates, that you can change and personalize at your ease.  Search for prospects with advanced search criteria to segment your lists and deliver the most personalized message without spending hours doing it. Start your segmentation with basic and easy targeting criteria such as job title, location, industry etc; and do advanced search and segmentation by using combination of keywords and targeting options.

anyleads chart

They made Anyleads the more responsive and easy to use as possible. There is only few clicks to do and after everything is automatized, it has been thought to save you as much time as possible!

They have a lot of tutorials that you can follow to dig into more specific technical features and a great customer support available every day.

What’s the value of using a lead generation infrastructure?

Have you ever been frustrated by having your calls or emails rejected by the secretary or switchboard of the company, because you have to pass through them to get in touch with the decision maker you are targeting?

If yes, this solution is for you!, they give you in a few clicks all the emails of a company’s employees so you can talk directly to the decision maker to introduce your product, without taking the risk to have your mail lost among 100’s of other in the secretary inbox.

Anyleads provides the feature to do that, in an automated process that saves you lots of time and tons of money!

You can identify potential customers, find the right contacts, get their email address and import them to your CRM in one simple click.

Some of your competitors might not have heard about it before because they are stuck in traditional marketing methods, and don’t see the evolution happening in front of their eyes. Using latest-technology based methods allow you to explode your outbound strategy and multiply your sales.

Your next customers emails are one click away! Create your account at and start automating your sales!

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